Lakaffa International

Lakaffa International Sky Eye System
The hand-shake drink brand stores under Lakaffa International Co., Ltd. lack data and systematic operation management due to the lack of integration between the raw material purchasing unit and the product sales unit. In the event of festivals, climate change, and increased competition, retail stores often lack the sensitivity of trend, causing highly waste of production and procurement costs.

Therefore, the company combined with the information service provider Direct Current Co., Ltd.(with its application of weather), consumer confidence index, festivals, tourists, public opinion, and Lakaffa POS, ERP, "raw material-product" related tables, and "consumption-purchase" related tables, to create a Lakaffa Sky Eye system to assist headquarters to optimize the material procurement plan, the store manager’s prediction of the sales of items, and the store staff records on material consumption, to reduce inventory costs by 10%, increase the number of cups sold per month in a single store by 18%, increase revenue and derivative benefits by NT 450 million, expand the number of global stores of the group by 103, and increase the accuracy of procurement forecasts from 60% to 85%.

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