Website Tour


The use of barrier-free operations on this site is defined as follows

  • Alt + U : The top of this site contains the website logo and links to related basic functions.
  • Alt + M : The main function menu link of this site shows that this site provides links to the main content.
  • Alt + C : The page content area, located in the middle of the page. It can include the path of the page (and you can directly click to connect back to the specified level) and the main information content of the page.
  • Alt + Z : The website copyright declaration is located at the bottom of this site. This area lists privacy protection, network security policy, information security policy, and other related links.

The shortcut key definitions of different browsers are slightly different

  • IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera 15+ : [ALT] + accesskey
  • Opera prior version 15 : [SHIFT] [ESC] + accesskey
  • Firefox : [ALT] [SHIFT] + accesskey