Great Tree Pharmacy

Great Tree Smart Pharmacy Platform
GREAT TREE PHARMACY CO., LTD. operates pharmaceutical retail channels.

Generally speaking, due to the unintegrated information of members’ personal health, medication and medical treatment, the pharmacy services have problems such as multiple confirmations of customer medication records and medical treatment status, longer communication time, and lack of data basis for purchase consultation.

In the event of a large crowd or failure to communicate effectively, pharmacist services and pharmacy operations are often affected.

Therefore, GREAT TREE PHARMACY works with the information service providers Holding TOP INFO.CO.,Ltd, Hua Ylag Tech, Co., and ARES international corp, by using the Ministry of Health and Welfare SDK, public measurement data, hospital location information, member purchase and visit records, and medical conditions to create the " GREAT TREE PHARMACY Health Go App".

Combined with the " GREAT TREE PHARMACY Smart Pharmacy Platform", the company helps the public and pharmacists to integrate personal health information, visualizes the health profile of customers, makes marketing recommendations and purchase consultation, effectively reduces the confirmation time from 10 minutes to 0 minutes.

The number of pharmacists’ daily purchase consultation, based on members’ health status, increased from 25 to 40, services were introduced to 135 regional franchised pharmacies across Taiwan, and revenue from health-care products increased by 10%.

Si-Ping Feng, Assistant Manager
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