RedDoor MarTech

the EagleeyeData business district people flow data platform
RedDoor MarTech processes and analyzes big data for a long time, digitizes various behaviors such as member profiles, installations, activities, sales and traffic, and helps customers build data marketing capabilities. It finds that the business district lacks customer flow data, which leads to difficulties in the development and expansion of the business district. Stores in the business district lack the ability to digitize operations for secondary marketing, making it difficult to identify the store’s customer flow and operating members.

Therefore, RedDoor integrates real-time weather data, electronic invoices, consumer channel invoice statistics, MRT station passenger flow data, and its own Wi-Fi probe customer flow data to create "EagleEye Data Business Circle Crowd Flow Data Platform" to provide business circle shop customer flow data analysis, assist business districts and stores to integrate business district customer flow data, calculate the length of stay in the business district and the movement route in and out of the business district, analyze the relation between the business district and the store’s customer flow, perform visual value-added processing, and assist the Bade 3C business district in planning the lottery drawing and other marketing activities.

It drove NT 6.26 million in revenue in the business district, expanded the service to Ximen, Dadaocheng, Qingguang, and Dongmen business districts, grasped 6.62 million customer flow information in the business district, and increased the company's revenue to NT 3.56 million.

Angel Huang, Marketing planning
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