Taiwan Sakura

Taiwan Sakura Partner Cloud Platform
Taiwan Sakura has not integrated the inventory data of its headquarters and distributors. In the past, the maintenance operations were based on manual experience to schedule shifts. If unexpected accidents such as heavy rain or traffic occur, it will be difficult for scheduling on customer service, distribution, and maintenance personnel to respond. Failure to manage materials effectively will result in a secondary maintenance rate of 8%. The lack of integration of corporate data makes it impossible to predict the timing of regional sales and product demand, and to consult for purchasing localized products.

Therefore, Taiwan Sakura has built a "service management platform" and "business partner cloud APP", introducing tap water supply, weather forecast daylight time, CRM, ERP, internal partner cloud for data cleaning, mashup analysis, and value-added applications. The company established a data application service ecosystem with channel distributors, information service providers, and the National University Statistics Department, and successfully introduced the application to 500 product distribution channels, assisted in driving the sales of water heaters and water purifiers, and created more than NT 10 million company revenue.

Emma Tsai, Senior Manager
TEL: +886-4-25666106#685
EMAIL: emma@sakura.com.tw
Website: https://www.sakura.com.tw/