Global Commercial Technology

Community Retail and Delivery Logistics Service Intelligent Platform
Traditional small and medium-sized logistics companies often increase the cost of temporary dispatch of a large number of vehicles when they encounter excessive orders, weather changes, unexpected road conditions, and insufficient capacity. Therefore Global Commercial Technology Co.,LTD. uses the Taipei City’s Department of Transportation, the Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, the Office of Commerce, Taipei Water Department, and the private weather database to integrate with its own operational data, combines the Internet of Things, mobile phones, smart systems, and uses community fields to link the logistics industry , introduces services, and constructs the "Intelligent Platform for Community New Retail and real-time Delivery Logistics Services."

Combining the mobile dispatching information system with the APP, operating the market from passive demand to actively helping customers, adopting the pre-applied operating structure, "Global Commercial Technology" assists the takeaway platform "Yowoo Technology Inc." and logistics "Farm-Direct" to provide fresh product sales and e-commerce goods distribution services, encourages the traditional transportation and logistics industry to accelerate the introduction of scientific and technological technology and increases the punctuality rate of instant logistics services from 60% to 91%.

"Global Commercial Technology" works with the data science company "Singularity & Infinity" to develop new retail model analysis tools, develop business circles and site analysis models, improve operational management capabilities and efficiency, and assist cooperating stores to conduct market analysis of competitors within a 2km radius of the geographic center.

Carol Cheng, Secretary of General Manager's Office
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