SmartBee Intelligence Company

SmartBee Supplychain Cooperation Platform
There is a lot that goes into building a global business. At SmartBee Intelligence, we understand that growing freight volumes and constant economic shifts are driving the need for a robust logistics strategy to push the business forward and outward. With a focus on innovation and value-adding, SmartBee Intelligence technology is built on the vision of turning the promise of a borderless world into reality. Harnessing the power of ABC+D –– Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, and Domain Knowledge––SmartBee Intelligence wields cutting-edge technology to bring companies of all sizes unprecedented access to innovative logistics solutions designed to continuously enhance the supply chain. Our goal is to facilitate and accelerate businesses’ transition into today’s digital economy, a formidable task that requires resources, technology, scale, and expertise. Going beyond the 3PL business model, SmartBee Intelligence’s leading software platform offers SMEs and enterprise organizations unparalleled insights into the global logistics ecosystem so as to empower business leaders to quickly identify the solutions and partners best suited to their needs. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, SmartBee Intelligence is quickly expanding to deliver smarter logistics solutions to our global network of customers and partners. Join us in transforming the face of logistics and help businesses power expansion and growth.
Sylvia Liu, Product Manager
Tel: +886-27744-8415