TMS Technologies

TMS Transportation Data Solutions
TMS Technologies have sound experience collaborating with public sectors and private companies. We well know the data requirements of industries, governments, and schools, and keep promoting Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). As a result, TMS transportation data solutions is provider to integrate government open data and private data. We hope that all MaaS companies can quickly find the data they need on a single website, helping to lay the foundations for seamless Mobility as a Service.
Our transportation data solutions include public transit (GTFS) data, GPS probe, traffic incident data, and drive POI data, including electric vehicle charge station (EVCS), gas station, speed camera, E-tag gate in Taiwan Market. In 2020, we want to expand our data services form Taiwan to SEA market, so we not only look for potential customers for our Taiwan data solutions but also search for local data partners in SEA markets.

Rick Wang, Data Manager